IDW – IFAA Design Week emerged in 2008 with the purpose of presenting diverse design forms from across the globe. As is the tradition of IFAA – the IDW approach is also interdisciplinary and aims to showcase emerging and top talent from across the globe. IDW takes place during IFAA Art Platform major events that take place in different cities worldwide.

Besides showcasing Design in all its forms, IDW also pays special attention to production; the industry and fashion market and facilitates collaborations across-cultures. IDW provides a platform for designers that includes; debates, showroom, exhibitions, Design Lab, Green is Cool and IDesign Prize. The IDW platform is also the place where design and technology come together.

Enabling creators

Since its establishment in 2008, IDW has made it possible to present designers from across the African continent, West Europe and Some parts of Asia. IDW not only discovers and presents designers from across the globe, but also facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations while at the same time acting as a springboard for the designers towards distinguished international shows and fashion events. Besides this, IDW also supports emerging /young talents. Including the development of artisanal know-how, documentation of the invaluable knowledge in this sector and micro financing that can enable the survival and growth of craftsmanship.

A special section of IDW focuses on Design and Production and looks at designing, developing to delivering. Debates and conferences are organized during our major IFAA Design Week events to address; Design and Production challenges and the role of technology in improving design and production in a sustainable way. The aim is to support professionals involved with the design, development, operation and manufacture in the delivery of a product. Besides this, IDW also organizes Patents and intellectual property rights (IPR) workshops.

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